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Eating Abroad

By February 29, 2012March 22nd, 2012No Comments

While traveling, the sheer number of things one can do is endless. Local markets, parks, museums, and other attractions are there just waiting to be explored. My main goal while traveling though is usually trying to taste as many local dishes as humanly possible. I am often heard asking “Can we get out of here and find the nearest café?” Understanding a country’s local culture and history is important, but eating and learning how to prepare local dishes can be taken home and shared with friends and family members. I am always on the hunt for recipes and exotic foods so this week I decided to look for mouthwatering eats located the places where Radius will be having its summer workshops. Enjoy!

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul seems to have a large street food scene so I found these appetizing yet interesting looking snacks that look like well… fried footballs. I can imagine that anything they lack on the outside is made up for with what is on the inside. Ici kofte as it’s called is made fresh daily and stuffed with ground meat, onions, parsley, and spices.

Provence, France
Provence is unique due to that fact that its cuisine blends French and Italian flavors. A traditional and easy to replicate dish is Tomates Provençales.  Tomatoes are stuffed with herbs, spices, breadcrumbs, and garlic & olive oil of course and then baked until golden.

Istria, Croatia
With Istria being famous for its truffles, is safe to say that anything on the menu with this delicacy is sure to be memorable. A basic dish is Croatian hand-rolled pasta (fuzi) sprinkled with truffles.

After reading about all this incredible food, I am ready to pack my bags and head to Europe. For now, spring break in the Dominican Republic will have tocut it. The upcoming blog about what I am eating there is sure to be interesting. Stay tuned!






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