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Here are some things our guests are saying about Radius Workshops:

All of the cities and tours were wonderful. I really enjoyed myself. This place is so beautiful. I plan to come here again in the future because of this experience. This is and was amazing.

Teresa Cook

Great time!
Radius did an amazing job for a first trip to Croatia. Excellent support….full week…beautiful art! Look forward to returning to this area. Food! Fred’s cooking! Yum!

David Kinports

Delicious food, great experience…. The group is awesome; I really enjoyed getting to know everyone. I feel like I am leaving this workshop wiser and worldlier. Everyone is so amazing and I have enjoyed the variety of personalities. I am so glad I visited this part of the world at a young age because I think it will retain significance for my whole life. You have introduced me to a new way of thinking about life. Croatia is crackling.
Thank you!

Danielle Klebes

Art and food experience out of this world. Seeing everything in one week. The only way to travel! A growing experience in many different ways. Exploring the beauty of every area in art and food! I loved all the people and thought the villa was great.
Thank you!!!

Scott Bell

Turkey, an eye opener! It was a treat from beginning to the end. The Turkish people are most hospitable and big hearted, the food is delicious and a new experience for the palette.
This experience was very thoughtfully planned by Fred the director of Radius Workshops who is extremely knowledge and Professor Louise who is a true inspiration. Our small group had a lot of fun.
Thank you Louise and Fred for a great experience. I would love to see more and yes, I would love to come back.

Angie OBrian

This experience of traveling to Turkey and Greece was beyond what I expected or anticipated. My time spent with you has been mind opening. I began to try new processes that I would not have otherwise imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing art and life. These ten days spent engaging with the culture and people of Turkey seemed like a much longer stay as I was able to learn about history, architecture, and customs with the help of our wonderful guides Sadi and Fred.
A few things that surprised me about Turkey were the friendliness of the people and how safe I felt here. Being able to take an early morning run after overindulging on milky norea pistachio ice cream and five course meals I felt right at home while traveling abroad (especially at the Villa Asina, Datca, Turkey)

Fred, for sharing your knowledge, time and patience, I thank you. Your intellectually stimulating conversations were very inspiring. I was extremely impressed by the flexibility of this workshop to facilitate the concerns comforts and needs of every individual. I think you both went above and beyond the call of simply an instructor and director. You really took care of us. This trip has equipped me with at least 4,000 photographs that I will be able to use as references for years to come.

Also seeing the intricate details of the hand painted tiles, Turkish rugs, mosques and the abundance of color will influence my work.
The friendships I formed have been tremendous. Seeing all that I have gives me a renewed passion in making art.
Thank you once again.

Danya Gayle

This [Eastern Visions] workshop has been a joyous experience for all who participated in creating and enjoying the best of life. You made it possible for us to have an intensive experience of seeing, tasting and creating. It will always be a memorable time. Many thanks to you.

Nofa Dixon

I don’t know how to start! This has been one of the most significant experiences in my new journey as an artist. I can’t go into detail regarding all the things we have seen and done, but what I can say is this trip has had a profound impact on my perception of both art and life. Seeing other cultures and experiencing other life styles has made me realize that there are other ways of living and enjoying our human experience that are not necessarily better or worse than mine, just different. Upon returning to the states I feel compelled to become worldlier, inform myself and incorporate this vast planet into my artistic vision. Thank you so much!!!

Austin Moule

The one word which best describes my experience in Provence with Radius Workshops is this: overwhelming.

Overwhelming were the beautiful views which surrounded us.

Overwhelming was the joy I experienced walking though old villages and seeing the markets.

Overwhelming to me was the chance to depict everyday life in Provence in my art.

Overwhelming was the experience of interacting with old friends and meeting new and interesting people.

Overwhelming was my opportunity to taste memorable Provence cuisine, especially that prepared by the talented and proficient Fred Brown, always with a little humor added.

Overwhelming was my good fortune to have you as my teacher, educator, good friend and the person who made this trip possible.

Louise, thanks to you and all of your team which made my time in Provence unforgettable and overwhelming.


My time in Turkey was truly magical; it is a country filled with a rich history, wonderful and welcoming people, and a rich and diverse cuisine. Radius workshops did a wonderful job of trying give us the above while still focusing on the primary goal of making art with Louise Freshman Brown. The experience in Datça was really magical for me. I loved every moment of being there with Radius.

Sal F.
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