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Earth Givers is a non-profit that utilizes community involvement to spread a message of conservation through commitment and action. Every offset is reinvested locally to build a more resilient and sustainable community. Earth Givers develops local strategies that focus on empowerment and sustainability at the local and national levels.

Earth Givers has pioneered a unique model for sustainability in Gainesville. Our model, which uses carbon offsets as a way to support native Florida habitat restoration and community development, has helped thousands of low-income Gainesville families lower their utility bills through weatherization and conservation efforts.

Since 2008, Earth Givers projects have:

  • Provided energy retrofits (free of charge) to nearly 300 low-income families, saving approximately 15% on utility bills.
  • Planted over 15,000 native trees in NE Florida
  • Created over 20,000 certified tons of carbon reductions

We believe that facilitating sustainable change – here in our community – is crucial to lowering our carbon footprint for future generations.

Earth Givers’ initiatives include: Women Who Plant, an organic gardening education program for women in Haiti; Neutral Gator, which works with the University of Florida in creating sustainable practices; CREx, working with music festivals (such as Bonnaroo) to promote sustainable education and carbon offsetting; Neutral Gainesville, a growing collective of local businesses (including Moksa Organics, Sweetwater Inn Bed & Breakfast, La Di Da Salon, Visit Gainesville, etc.) who pledge carbon-neutrality by offsetting their carbon footprint with our locally-produced offsets.

Radius will take a portion of every participant’s fees to offset the carbon footprint of their air travel.

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